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Dorma 8616

Architectural Grade Door Closer

SKU: 8616

Starting price: $154.00 /each

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Heavy Duty

Dorma 8616 architectural grade door closer is designed to provide a highly flexible door control system suitable for use on all hollow metal, aluminum, and wood doors. It is available in adjustable spring size 1-6. See more product information below

Price: $154.00

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Hold Open - A door closer arm with the capability of holding the door in the open position until manually closed.

Parallel Arm - Arm is mounted on the push side of the door and the arm assembly extends almost parallel to the door. In the closed position, there is very little or no hardware projecting beyond the frame face in most situations. This may be beneficial in vandalism-prone areas.. Due to the geometry of the arm it is approximately 25% less power-efficient than a regular arm application.

  • AF86P- Tri-packed standard arm for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mount.
  • DS - Heavy-duty parallel Door Saver Arm with integral cushioned opening function. Non-hold open arm. Arm is non handed.
  • DST- Hold Open Heavy-duty Door Saver parallel arm with thumb turn hold open. Arm is non handed
  • FHP - Friction Hold Open Arm. Provides a hold open function between approximately 90 degrees and 180 degrees of door opening (conditions permitting). With PA hold open bracket.
  • S-DS- Spring Stop Door Saver Parallel Arm. Heavy-duty parallel arm with spring assisted dead stop function.
  • S-DST - Hold Open Spring Stop Door Saver Parallel Arm. Heavy-duty Hold Open parallel arm with spring assisted dead stop function.
  • SPA - Super Parallel Arm. Heavy-duty parallel arm 

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  • Body, full cover and mounting hardware with AF86P standard arm for regular, top jam or parallel mounting.
  • Adjustable spring size 1-6 shipped as size 4
  • Non-handed for regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications.
  • Mounting holes spaced 12" horizontally and 3/4" vertically center to center
  • Barrier Free, meets ADA requirements (Opening force 5 lb or less on interior doors, 8.5 lb or less on exterior doors )

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  • Finish:

    • AL- Aluminum (689)
    • DKBRZ -Dark Bronze (695)
  • Select Arm:

    • AF86P-standard arm Tri-Pack
    • DS-Heavy-Duty parallel arm with cushioned opening.
    • DST-Heavy-Duty Hold Open Parallel Arm.
    • FHP-Friction Hold Open Arm
    • S-DS-Spring Stop Door Saver Parallel Arm
    • S-DST-Hold Open Spring Stop Parallel Arm.
    • SPA-Super Parallel Arm
    • No Arm-Body and Cover Only

Tech Specs

  • Adjustable Backcheck with positioning adjustment
  • Two adjustment valves to control sweep and latch closing speeds
  • Sex nuts and machine/wood combo screws for 1-3/4" thick doors
  • ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 certified.
  • U.L. & C.U.L. listed.
  • CSFM approved
  • Meets UL10C and UBC 7.2 (1997).
  • Non-handed
  • Range of Door Sizes:
    - Exterior door widths to 42".
    - Interior door widths to 48".
    -25 year Warranty

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