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Dorma BTS75V

Floor Closer Body and Cement Case


Price: $488.00

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The Dorma BTS75V floor closers compact body and cement case, 2" deep is suited for thin slab concrete construction. A wide selection of interchangeable spindles makes the BTS75V suitable for virtually any floor covering or threshold application. The BTS75V has an adjustable spring size 1-4 and can control doors weighing up to 260 lb and measuring up to 3'-6" wide interior and 3'-0" exterior. See more product information below

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Price: $488.00

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  • Barrier Free - Handicapped accessible, reduced opening force. Opening force 5 lb or less on interior doors, 8.5 lb or less on 3'-0" wide exterior doors to meet ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act ).
  • Closers certified to conform to BHMA/ANSI Standard A156.4, when installed and adjusted to conform to ADA or other reduced opening force requirements, may not provide sufficient power to reliably close and latch a door.
  • Mechanical backcheck eliminated to meet the barrier-free opening force requirement through 90º of opening.

    Delayed Action - Delayed Action closing allows slow moving traffic to clear the opening before the door closer’s normal closing cycle begins. This feature can be helpful in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. It provides sufficient time for persons on crutches or in wheelchairs to pass through a door without concern of it closing.

  • Selectable delayed action between 175º and 70º.


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Select either Standard Spindle insert or 3° Pre Load Spindle



  • Floor Closer body with cement case, less spindle
  • Adjustable spring size 1-4.
  • Closer body is non-handed.
  • For center hung or offset applications
  • For doors weighing up to 260 lb
  • Interior doors 2'-0" to 3'-6" wide and Exterior doors 2'-0" to 3'-0" wide.
  • Suitable for both single and double-acting doors

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  • Barrier Free: info icon

    • Barrier Free (BF)
    • Non Barrier Free
  • Hold Open:

    • BF Barrier Free-Hold Open - 90 degree only
    • Hold Open - 90 degrees
    • Hold Open - 105 degrees
    • No Hold Open (NHO)
  • Spindle: info icon

    • No Spindle
    • Spindle Insert- 5/16"clearance (74003)
    • 1/2"Clearance (74005)
    • 5/8"clearance (74007)
    • Standard 3/4"clearance (74010)
    • 13/16"clearance (74012)
    • 7/8"clearance (74015)
    • 1-1/8"clearance (74020)
    • 1-5/16"clearance (74025)
    • 1-1/2"clearance (74030)
    • 1-11/16"clearance (74035)
    • 1-7/8"clearance (74040)
    • 2-1/16"clearance (74045)
    • 2-5/16"clearance (74050)
    • Pre Load Spindle 5/16"clearance LH (80003)
    • Pre Load Spindle 5/16"clearance RH (80003)
    • Pre Load Spindle 3/4"clearance LH (80010)
    • Pre Load Spindle 3/4"clearance RH (80010)
    • Pre Load Spindle 7/8"clearance LH (80015)
    • Pre Load Spindle 7/8"clearance RH (80015)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/8"clearance LH (80020)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/8"clearance RH (80020)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-5/16"clearance LH (80025)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-5/16"clearance RH (80025)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/2"clearance LH (80030)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/2"clearance RH (80030)
  • Mechanical backcheck at 70°.
  • Dual valves for sweep and latch adjustment
  • Interchangeable spindles available to provide bottom door clearances ranging from 5/16" to 2-5/16". Interchangeable 3 ° Pre load spindles also available.
  • Compact closer body and cement case 2" deep suited
    for thin slab concrete construction
  • Closer adjustment in cement case provides 3/8" lateral, 1/4" longitudinal,
    and 5/32" height adjustment.
  • Available Barrier Free (BF) without backcheck and with Selectable delayed action.
  • Optional single point hold open units available for 90° or 105°, BF with HO available at 90° only as a special order.
  • Non-hold open versions are listed by U.L. and C.U.L
  • Certified to the requirements of ANSI A156.4 for grade 1 closers.
  • The BTS75V BF meets the opening force requirements of ANSI A117.1 for barrier-free interior and exterior doors.



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