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Dorma BTS80-Kit H Complete

Center Hung, Single Acting-Wood or Steel Door and Frame

Quick Product Details

  • Complete Floor Closer
  • For Wood or Steel Doors and Frames
  • Center-Hung
  • Single Acting
  • Heavy Duty
SKU: BTS80-Kit H Complete can include all components

Starting price: $726.00 /each

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This Dorma BTS80-Kit H is a complete floor closer package designed for wood or steel doors and frames. The compact size of this floor closer makes it permissible for use in applications where larger closers are prohibited and its versatility will allow for installation in thin-slab, concrete, sub-floor construction applications.

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Price: $726.00

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1) BTS80 Body and Cement Case:

Floor Closer Body and Cement Case image
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2) Floor Plate:

Floor Plate for BTS80 Closers image
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3) Center HungTop Pivot:

Center Hung Top Pivot image
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4) Bottom Arm:

Center Hung Bottom Arm image
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Select either Standard Spindle insert or 3° Pre Load Spindle


Choose Spring Size:

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BTS80 - Accommodates doors weighing up to 660 pounds

  • Barrier Free (BFE) - ANSi size 3:
    • Exterior Doors to 3'0".
    • Handicapped accessible, reduced opening force.
    • Opening force 8.5 lb or less on exterior doors to meet ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act ) A117.1.
    • Not available with​ backcheck
  • Size 2 - ANSI size 4
    • Exterior Doors 2'6"- 3'6"
    • Interior Doors 2'6"- 4'0"
  • Size 3 - ANSI size 6
    • Exterior Doors 3'6"- 4'0"
    • Interior Doors 4'0" - 4'6"

Maximum door widths and recommended sizes shown are for average conditions. If there are unusual site conditions, e.g. high or exceptionally heavy doors or wind pressure, the next stronger spring size should be selected.

Choose Sealed Case:

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Sealing a closer protects it from moisture. Cement case and closer body are gasketed and
fastened together. Closer must be ordered with cement case and shipped at the same time.


Suited for:
  • Wood or steel door frames

  • Meets ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 requirements
  • 25 year limited warranty

Available Options: Choose Options Above

  • Finish:

  • Spindle: info icon

    • No Spindle
    • Spindle Insert- 5/16"clearance (74003)
    • 1/2"Clearance (74005)
    • 5/8"clearance (74007)
    • Standard 3/4"clearance (74010)
    • 13/16"clearance (74012)
    • 7/8"clearance (74015)
    • 1-1/8"clearance (74020)
    • 1-5/16"clearance (74025)
    • 1-1/2"clearance (74030)
    • 1-11/16"clearance (74035)
    • 1-7/8"clearance (74040)
    • 2-1/16"clearance (74045)
    • 2-5/16"clearance (74050)
    • Pre Load Spindle 5/16"clearance LH (80003)
    • Pre Load Spindle 5/16"clearance RH (80003)
    • Pre Load Spindle 3/4"clearance LH (80010)
    • Pre Load Spindle 3/4"clearance RH (80010)
    • Pre Load Spindle 7/8"clearance LH (80015)
    • Pre Load Spindle 7/8"clearance RH (80015)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/8"clearance LH (80020)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/8"clearance RH (80020)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-5/16"clearance LH (80025)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-5/16"clearance RH (80025)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/2"clearance LH (80030)
    • Pre Load Spindle 1-1/2"clearance RH (80030)
  • Spring Size: info icon

    • Barrier Free (BFE) - ANSI Size 3
    • Size 2 - ANSI Size 4
    • Size 3 - ANSI Size 6
  • Sealed Case: info icon

    • SC-Sealed Case with Body
    • No Sealed Case

Product at A Glance

  • Dual valves allow for adjustment of the closing-speed and latch-speed
  • Pressure relief valve protects the closer from damage caused by forced closing
  • Closer adjustment in the cement case provides lateral and longitudinal adjustment of  1/4”, and height adjustment of 5/32"
  • Mechanical backcheck at approximately 70º. (Not Available with BFE)
  • Selectable delayed action between 75º and 175º.
  • Selectable multi-point hold-open between (approximately) 75º and 175º.
  • Delayed action is functional when hold-open is not engaged.
  • Suitable for thin slab construction
Style Complete Floor Closer
Application Center-hung
Door Handing Non-handed
Function Single Acting
Door Weight Up to 660lb
Depth 2-3/8" - for thin slab construction

This BTS80 Kit is suitable for nearly all  installations with wood or steel doors and frames. It is a center-hung closer that is non-handed to allow for flexibility and it operates as a single-acting closer. It will support doors that weigh up to 660 pounds. Closer longitudinal and lateral adjustment is possible in the cement case for 1/4” and height adjustment can be done up to 5/32”.



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