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Door and Hardware Resources: All About Woodturning

Woodturning is a craft that has been around for centuries. The process starts with a lathe, which turns a piece of wood while the artisan holds another tool steady to carve it out. There are two types of woodturning, spindle and faceplate. The pieces that are made by woodturning can be beautiful pieces of art and include bowls, platters, serving trays, pool cues, and several woodwind instruments. There are several different tools used in woodturning depending on what is being made and how intricate the design is.

General Resources

American Association of Wooturners: A nonprofit organization formed to help education and provide information on woodturning.

Grey-Bruce Woodturners: A website with information and articles on woodturning.

Arizona Woodturners: This website provides information and resources on woodturning.

Woodturns: An extensive list of woodturning resources.

Woodworking: A guide for beginners in the world of woodturning.

Woodturning Jargon: A list of woodturning terms and what they mean.

East Texas Woodturners Association: A list of articles and tips for woodturning.

Woodturners Resource: A list of project ideas with links to helpful hints and instructions from experts in the field of woodturning.


History of Woodturning: This article explains the long history of woodturning starting with the ancient Egyptians.

Woodturning with the Pole Lathe: An in depth look at the history of woodturning.

History and Process: A short article explaining where woodturning came from.

Ornamental Turning History: The history of woodturning and ornamental turning.

A Historical Look at Woodturning: An article explaining the history of woodturning.

Woodturning and the Vikings: An article about the Vikings and their part in the history of woodturning.

Woodturning Tools

Wood Lathes: Detailed information about wood lathes including specifications and what to look for when purchasing one.

Turning Tools: A list of links for making and purchasing your turning tools.

Spindle Roughing Gauges: An informational article on spindle roughing gouges.

Woodturning Chucks: The woodturning chuck and how to use it safely.

Woodturning Tools for Beginners: A list of tools that the beginner woodturner will need with information about what they do.


Turning Green Wood: Tips on how to turn wood that is green.

Woodturning Maine: How to shape wood on a lathe using the spindle method and faceplate method.

Woodturning Form and Design: An article explaining the details of form and design when woodturning.

Woodzone: A tip for making a patterns on several different pieces so they all come out the same.

Laymar Crafts Woodturning: A large list of tips and tricks for different woodturning projects.

More Wooturning: Tips for sharpening woodturning tools.

Nick Cook Woodturner: Tips and techniques for spindle turning.


Health Hazards and Wood: A complete list of different kinds of woods with health hazards related to each of them.

Turn Style: A list of safety reminders for lathe users.

Woodturners America: The importance of safety when woodturning and tips for keeping yourself safe.

Woodturning Safety Rules: A list of rules to stay safe when woodturning.

Woodturning Safety: Several tips on how to enjoy woodturning safely.

Carolina Mountain Woodturners: A long list of safety guidelines to follow when using a lathe.

Turning Tools: An introduction to woodturning including a list of safety tips.

Wood Art by Dan: Safety guidelines to follow when woodturning.