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Norton 7705PTDO-24-689

Special Order Power Track Electromechanical Closer-Holder Wth Smoke Detector

Price: $1,425.00 /each
Special Order non-stock item Requires 6 week lead time

SKU: 7705PTDO-24-689

The Norton 7705PDO Power Track Electromechanical Closer-Holder Wth Smoke Detector combines the functions of a single point electromechanical door holder with a door closer. Pull side mounting.

Because this is not a stock item we must order it specifically for you and we will be unable to accept a return unless the item is defective as determined by the factory it was bought from.

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Special order item with 4 week lead time
  • Pull (hinge) side mounting.
  • Master unit with integral smoke detector.
  • 24VAC/DC.
  • Non handed.
  • The closer is mounted on the door. The Power Track and hook-up box are mounted to the frame face for pull side installations.
  • Single point hold open shall be selective through a range of 85° to 110°.
  • When there is power to the unit, the door will hold open at the selected hold
    open point. Any power interruption will release the arm slide and the door will close. The door can be released manually at any time.

More Info

  • Fail Safe: In the event of a power outage, the Power Track solenoid will be de-energized and the closer/holder will then operate as a normal door closer.
  • Fire/Smoke Control Circuit Interprets the alarm signal from the detector and provides switching contacts to interrupt power to the hold open solenoid and divert it to activate optional audio/visual alarms.
  • Alarm (Relay) Contacts Normally open in standby condition (energized, non-alarm state). These contacts close during an alarm condition (smoke detected) and switch power from the solenoid to an optional local alarm.



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