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Electric Strikes

About this Category

Electric strikes are used in applications where an access control system is used. They can be unlocked remotely, or they can be activated by a card or pin code. Electric strikes can provide a higher level of security for your door and it is often a more convenient option than a standard strike.

More About Qualified Hardware's Electric Strikes

An electric strike is a mechanically operated door strike that is connected to a power supply. When an electric strike is activated, it will release the latch, thereby unlocking the door. Electric strikes are used in conjunction with door locks or exit devices on hollow metal, aluminum and wood frames.

Electric strikes are a very secure and safe option for latching a door since they can only be activated with a card, pin or remote device that is associated with the strike. Some also come with the ability to monitor the latch remotely, thereby enabling you to make sure the door is safe. Electric strikes can also be very practical and convenient in some applications. When it is connected to a remote system, you can simply  allow someone entry from the comfort of your desk or bedroom by the push of a button. An electric strike attached to a pin code can also be useful, since no key is necessary and you can choose who to share the code with.

Electric strikes are available in fail-safe or fail-secure. A fail-secure device, which is required for a fire rated opening, will remain locked upon a loss of power. This option is usually safer and more reliable in the case of a power outage, since it will not allow intruders entry. It will also be the better choice in the event of a fire, because the door will remain closed keeping the fire inside. However, it is always possible to exit from the inside via the exit device or door lock, since the electric strike only locks the door from the outside.  A fail-safe device, on the other hand, will unlock in the event of a power loss, allowing everyone free access.

Magnetic locks, on the other hand, are all fail-safe. That means that they will unlock and not function in the case of a power outage. This can be a major disadvantage for an application that needs to remain secure. Electric strikes are therefore often preferred over standard magnetic locks.

Electric strikes also require cutting only at the frame, while any other electronic lock will necessitate prep on the door itself as well. This will make the installation of an electric strike quicker and simpler.

Qualified Hardware carries a large variety of electric strikes from many of today’s leading brands in the door hardware industry. We have fire-rated and non fire-rated strikes for indoor and outdoor use, designed to use with many different kinds of locks and exit devices. We also have available many electric strikes with unique features and function to provide you with the option that is perfect for your door application.