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Keyless Door Locks

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The keyless option for door locks is very convenient in many ways and has become very popular for many door applications. Eliminating the need to carry any keys around makes keyless locks hassle free and its many other benefits may make it the right choice for your door as well.

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More About Keyless Door Locks

Fed up with dealing with multiple keys, misplacing, replacing and misplacing again?  Tired of keeping track of your keys and forgetting them at the most inopportune of times? Have enough to worry about without the being concerned that your key got into the wrong hands? Well, we have the perfect solution which will not only eliminate the hassle and headache of keys, but will provide for a safe and worry-free alternative. Keyless door locks will not only replace your existing key locks with a more convenient option, they  will also serve as an upgrade in the security and peace of mind your lock offers.

Keyless door locks will not only eliminate the need for keys and all that comes along with that, but there are many more benefits to these locks. Firstly, the convenience afforded by keyless locks is unique to these locks and cannot be matched with any other option. With the installation of one of our keyless options, you can simply punch in a pass code and enter. Forget the keys and the bother they created, and erase the memories of all the unpleasant situations they have put you through.

They are also a much safer and more secure solution for many applications since they are harder to pick, you don’t need to hide a spare key anymore and risk having it found, and the pass code can always be changed if your worried it got into the wrong hands.

A lock with a pass code is also an excellent option for a business where many employees need access to the door. No more worrying about whose hands yours keys will reach. You can now control who knows the pin and with an electronic device you can even keep track of the coming and going of your workers. Many locks also offer the option of multiple passcodes, where you can control who has access when.

Keyless locks are also very popular in the main entrance to apartment buildings. Since all the residents need easy and constant access, this is the perfect solution. Avoid having to keep track of all your keys and simply let your tenants know the pin number. Rest assured that your tenants will be more than happy with the change.    

Combination locks can also be used on the entrance to your home. Stop worrying about your kids losing their keys or getting locked out. They will now have easy access at all times with a simple pin number to remember. They’ll know they’re safe, and you’ll know they’re safe, what can be better?

Qualified Hardware is pleased to be able to help you make this transfer from keyed to keyless as simple as possible. We carry a large variety of keyless door locks, both mechanical and electronic, to service the needs of many different applications. Browse through our extensive selection to find the keyless option that is most suitable for your needs.

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