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About this Category

Qualified Hardware offers a variety of tools that can be helpful with the installation of certain products. Browse through our selection to see what can be helpful to you.

view Rixson 2604 Pivot Locator - Tools

Rixson - 2604 Pivot Locator

Starting at: $76.00

This Rixson 2604 pivot locator aids in the installation of floor closers and pivot packages.

view Rixson 1859001 Quickspotter Kit - Tools

Rixson - 1859001 Quickspotter Kit

Starting at: $73.00

This 1859001 quickspotter kit aids in the installation of floor closer cement cases for the 25, 26, 27, 28 30 and 40 Series floor closers.

view Rixson 1855051 Quickspotter Kit - Tools

Rixson - 1855051 Quickspotter Kit

Starting at: $73.00

This 1855051 quickspotter kit is a great help when installing the cement cases for the 50 and 51 series Rixson floor closers.

view Rixson 275171 Floor Closer Adjusting Wrench - Tools

Rixson - 275171 Floor Closer Adjusting Wrench

Starting at: $19.00

This Rixson 275171 floor closer adjusting wrench aids when adjusting heavy duty floor closer springs. This tool is recommended only for those who have experience with the adjustment of RIxson floor closers.

view Rixson 2608 Pivot Locator - Tools

Rixson - 2608 Pivot Locator

Starting at: $76.00

This Rixson 2608 pivot locator assists when installing heavy duty floor closers and pivot sets.

More About Tools

Some specialized tools can be very helpful when installing or adjusting certain products. The pivot locator can aid with the installation of pivots or floor closers by helping you locate the center point. When installing a floor closer cement case, a quickspotter kit can be very helpful. The floor closer adjusting wrench can assist you when adjusting the springs on heavy duty floor closers, however it is only recommended for those with experience in doing adjustments on Rixson closers.

Find the tool that will be of assistance to you, and make the installation so much simpler.

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