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Exit Alarms

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Exit alarms are used on doors where it is necessary to alert authorized personnel of an unwarranted exit. They are often used on emergency exits in restaurants, hospitals, hotels and in other applications. Qualified Hardware offers multiple alarm options from Detex and Alarm Lock that are suitable for many applications.

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More About Exit Alarms

Many businesses and other commercial buildings have secure doors at some of their entrances. These doors often feature a panic bar which will not allow free entry from the outside. However, it will allow free egress from the inside in the case of an emergency or for other purposes. The problem with these exits is that it can be a great escape for a thief or it can be used for other unwarranted reasons. An exit alarm may, therefore, be the solution for such an application.

These alarms come to good use on fire escape exits, backs doors in restaurants or other retail business, or in warehouses . They can also be very useful in hospitals and  healthcare facilities, as well as in hotels and public buildings. Exit alarms are also generally placed wherever there is an emergency exit that should not be used for any other purpose.

In many applications, fire safety codes will not allow an exit to be locked from the inside since access is necessary in the case of an emergency. In such a situation, an exit alarm is a great solution. It will enable the door to remain unlocked for safety reasons, but will limit the use of the exit by notifying authority of unwarranted use.

In some applications, a door is allowed to be used for exit or entry, but  it is unauthorized to keep that door open for more than a given amount of time. For such a door, a door propped alarm should be used, which will only activate the alarm after the door remains open for longer than the allowed amount of time.

Exit alarms can be a stand alone device or they can be connected to a larger system. These devices can be programmed to sound an alarm when someone opens the door without authorization. Some alarms even come with multiple setting options to modify  the alarms function according to your needs. Exit alarms will discourage the use of the door, and when they are used without authorization, an alarm will sound to signal activity at the restricted exit.

Most exit alarms can be armed and disarmed with a key, while some can be programmed with a keypad and don’t require a key at all. Many exit alarms come with an automatic rearm after a specific amount of time to avoid problems caused by forgetting to rearm the device manually. An LED light will indicate if the alarm is armed or disarmed on most devices.

Qualified Hardware  carries door alarms that are weatherized. This feature enables the alarm to be placed outdoors, since it is designed to be able to withstand exposure to rain. We also have some exit alarms that are made to fit on doors with a narrow stile. Browse through our multiple options and use the specifications of your door and application, as well as the unique features of each alarm, to help you choose the right one.


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