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ADA Compliant Low Energy Door Operators

About Qualified Hardware's ADA Compliant Low Energy Door Operators | QH

Norton PowerMatic

Automate virtually any door with Norton's PowerMatic® family of Low Energy Operators. Appropriate for a variety of openings including main entrance doors, office doors or public restrooms, these operators provide smooth, quiet automatic door control for easy accessibility. All of our low energy operators enable ADA compliance and conform to ANSI A156.19 and UL 325• Non-handed, • Actuation by push buttons, RF devices or hands-free • Integration with access control systems • Onboard power supply for accessories

LCN Auto Equalizer

Auto Equalizer™ is LCN’s smart& reliable electrically powered low-energy power operator. It provides easy access for people with disabilities, or the elderly. Designed primarily for manual opening applications that occasionally required automatic opening. LCN automatic operators are the proven standard in schools and health care facilities for over 20 years. They are easily retrofitted into existing doors and frames, as well as new construction. LCN low energy electrohydraulic automatic operators feature a heavy duty closer with a slow opening function.