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Floor Closers

About this Category

Floor closers are door operators that are installed within the floor, beneath your door. Since they are not exposed, they are often preferred for aesthetic or security reasons. They are also ideal for very heavy doors to provide excellent support.

More About Qualified Hardware's Floor Closers

Floor closers are door closers that are concealed within the floor, below the door. They are often preferred over standard overhead closers for their complete concealment. Many people consider this an important factor when aesthetics of the door are a consideration. Since a floor closer is installed in the floor, beneath the door, it will not  take away from the decor or serve as an eye sore. It’s concealment is also a strong security consideration. It is highly unlikely and nearly impossible for a floor closer to be vandalized, because the closer is not exposed.

 Another significant advantage of a floor closer is that it can support very heavy doors. It’s installation in the floor works according to the laws of physics and gravity. This makes it the best option for  lead-lined doors, that are used in medical facilities, to prevent the spread of radiation, or for any other overweight doors. Using a floor closer will reduce the stress on the frame and other door parts.

Floor closers come in a large variety of models, each with its own specifications and features, to accommodate different application needs. A floor closer can be offset or center hung and its strength can be either heavy duty, standard duty or light duty depending on the traffic patterns of your entrance. Floor closers can either be single acting, which means they have the ability to swing in only one direction, or double acting, where they can swing both in and out. Each closer is suitable for specific door materials, door sizes and door weight. A combination of the right features will give you the perfect closer for your application.

There are also a variety of shallow depth floor closers for applications with little installation space. There is no need to compromise on the closer’s quality due to a lack of sufficient space. Qualified Hardware offers a large selection of shallow closers that are of high quality and compact size. Shallow closers are also available with different options, to provide you with the best possible closer, despite the small size.

If a floor closer is your door operator of choice, you won’t go wrong. Browse through our extensive selection of high quality, brand name floor closers from Rixson and Dorma, to find the product that is most suitable for your application and door needs. Consider the traffic flow, door size and general function of your door to help you find the right closer. Qualified Hardware’s trained representatives will be glad to assist you in making a good choice.