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Norton Closer Arms

About this Category

The arm of a surface closer is a major component that will determine how your closer operates. Find the arm that best suits your door’s needs to work in conjunction with your closer.

view Norton 7701-1 Regular Arm Assembly, Non-Hold Open - Closer Arms

Norton - 7701-1 Regular Arm Assembly, Non-Hold Open

Starting at: $61.00

This Norton 7701-1 regular arm assembly is the standard arm supplied with Norton 1600, 7500 and 8000 series closers. This arm is typically used on doors that have the closer mounted on the pull side of the doors, and can be used with a parallel arm bracket for installation on doors that require push side mounting.

  • Usage: Heavy Duty
view Norton 7701-3 Hold Open Regular Arm Assembly - Closer Arms

Norton - 7701-3 Hold Open Regular Arm Assembly

Starting at: $98.00

This Norton 7701-3 hold-open arm assembly is the standard arm used with Norton 1600H, 7500H and 8000H series closers. The 7701-3 arm will replace the standard arm, or other more fully featured arms, to re-purpose a closer to better match the current needs. Since this arm includes the hold-open feature, it should not be used on fire-rated door openings that must close automatically at all times.

  • Usage: Heavy Duty

More About Norton

Norton Door Controls offers a comprehensive line of door controls designed and manufactured to ensure superior performance and reliability. is proud to sell and support Norton door closers.

Founded in 1880 by Lewis C. Norton, Norton Door Check Company began manufacturing and marketing the first practical commercial door closers in Boston. Through long trials designing a door closer that used air pressure, he developed a design that made doors close quietly. Though cumbersome, his first door closers effectively permitted the adjustment of the door's sweep speed. By 1900, he had developed a door closer that used liquid (hydraulic fluid) to help control the movement of the door.

In later years, Norton Door Controls refined the rack and pinion closer and the concept of valve controlled backcheck for hydraulic door closers. Along the way there have been a variety of other innovations, including the introduction of an aluminum alloy closer body, the development of narrow style, non-handed closers, adjustable backcheck, speed adjustments and special application arms to make just about any special installation possible. carries an extensive inventory of Norton door closers including the 1600 Series, 7500 Series, 8300/8500 Series and the 9300 Series. Replacement arms as well as all of the accessories needed for a complete installation are in stock and available for immediate shipment. With free shipping within the Continental US for all Norton door closers and accessories, is your ideal choice for immediate delivery of dependable Norton products.

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