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Rixson 128-3/4-618-EXT SPDL-1INCH

Special Order Center Hung Pivot Set with 1 Inch Extended Spindle

Quick Product Details

  • Pivot Set
  • Center-Hung
  • 1" Extended spindle to accommodate special floor conditions
Price: $205.00 /each
Special Order non-stock item Requires 6 week lead time

SKU: 128-3/4-618-EXT SPDL-1INCH

This Rixson 128 3/4 is a center-hung pivot set which includes the Rixson #320 top pivot. It is designed for interior doors up to 250lbs. Its bottom pivot mounts directly to the floor. Bottom pivot with 1 inch extended spindle.

Because this is not a stock item we must order it specifically for you and we will be unable to accept a return unless the item is defective as determined by the factory it was bought from.

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  Special order non stock item with 4 week lead time
Suited for:
  • Any special coverings or severe door undercuts will affect the spindle height. In these applications, an extended spindle
    may be required. Most standard spindle heights accommodate door undercuts up to 1/2".
  • Interior doors.
  • 618 finish-Polished Nickel.


Product at A Glance

  • Includes top pivot #320
  • Bottom pivot mounts directly on the floor
  • All center hung pivot sets are double-acting unless stopped by the door frame
  • Not allowed for use on labeled fire doors and frames
  • Pivot point is centered in the thickness of the door
  • Door must have radius on the pivot edge
  • Fully concealed when the door is closed
  • Doors do not return to center
  • The weight of the door is borne by the floor    
  • Includes wood and machine screws
Style Pivot set
Application Center-hung
Door Handing Non-handed
Door Weight Up to 250lb
Door Size 3'6" x 8'6"
Extended spindle Bottom pivot spindle extended 1"

More Info

One of the great benefits of the bottom pivot’s alignment with the floor that directs the potential energy produced by the door’s weight straight onto the floor, is that it greatly reduces wear and tear on the door frame. Because the weight of  the door is not supported by the frame, bending and misshaping of the frame are prevented. In addition, screws that secure pivots are held in shear which makes them free of any tension that is caused by a door’s weight. Another advantage is a tremendous decrease in friction, making the opening of all doors, even those weighing over one thousand pounds, almost effortless.



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