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Rixson 700

Overhead Concealed Closer Body

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  • Overhead Concealed Closer Body
  • Standard Duty
  • Single-Acting
Price: $1,093.00 /each

SKU: 700

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This Rixson 700 is an architectural grade single-acting overhead closer which can be used on doors that weigh up 200 pounds and are 1-3/4" thick The door's dimensions can be selected in the options below. This closer works on exterior or interior doors that have moderate door usage.

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Price: $1,093.00

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Choose Handing:

Left Hand (LH) Left Hand (LH)
Right Hand (RH) Right Hand (RH)

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The handing of a door is always determined from the push side.

If the door swings away from you to the left, it is a Left Hand door

If the door swings away from you to the right, it is a Right Hand door


Choose Hold Open:

NHO (Non Hold-Open)
AHO (Automatic Hold-Open) 708 Only Available with 90 Degree AHO

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No hold-open

Door does not remain open (door will swing 130 degrees in both directions)

Automatic hold-open

Door will remain open at preset degrees until manually closed

Choose Opening Degrees:

90 Degrees 90 Degrees
105 Degrees 105 Degrees

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Choose Select Size:

707 - Ext 3' x 8' - Int 3'3 right hand show 707 - Ext 3' x 8' - Int 3'3" x 8'
708 - Ext 3'6 right hand shown 708 - Ext 3'6" x 8' - Int 3'8" x 8'

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Product: Exterior Door Size: Interior Door Size
707 3’0” x 8’0” 3’3” x 8’0”
708 3’6” x 8’0” 3’8” x 8’0”



Suited for:
  • Exterior and interior and frames with low to medium traffic.

  • 2 year limited warranty
Special Orders Available:
  • Available with the 1/2” ELS option
  • Model 706 available for ADA compliance
Contact us directly to place your special order.

Available Options: Choose Options Above

  • Handing: info icon

    • Left Hand (LH)
    • Right Hand (RH)
  • Hold Open: info icon

    • NHO (Non Hold-Open)
    • AHO (Automatic Hold-Open) 708 Only Available with 90 Degree AHO
  • Opening Degrees: info icon

    • 90 Degrees
    • 105 Degrees
  • Select Size: info icon

    • 707 - Ext 3' x 8' - Int 3'3" x 8'
    • 708 - Ext 3'6" x 8' - Int 3'8" x 8'

Product at A Glance

  • This closer should always be used with an auxiliary stop such as #60131
  • Adjustable closing-speed
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • Not available with cold weather fluid or delayed action
  • Metal frames require a #192 mounting channel which must be welded into the frame
  • Wood frame requires #198 mounting plate
  • Cover plate is only used with WM and MW models
Style Overhead closer body
Grade Standard duty
Door Handing Handed
Function Single acting
Door Weight Up to 200 lb
Door Size Select size in the options tab above
Door Thickness 1-3/4"

More Info

The 700 series overhead concealed closers are architectural grade closers that are single-acting (swing in one direction only) and suited for exterior and interior doors that are used moderately. Closer is supplied with adjustable closing speed and hydraulic backcheck valves. This product is available for different door sizes, with various opening degrees and hold-open options which shall be selected above. A maximum of 200 pounds of door weight can be carried by this closer.




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