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Von Duprin CX99L-3-26D

Special Order Chexit Rim Exit Device with Lever

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Special Order non-stock item Requires 6 week lead time

SKU: CX99L-3-26D

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The Von duprin CX99L is designed for use on delayed exit applications, the Chexit system is ideal for controlled areas. The Chexit system will keep an exit door secured for a 15 second period, yet tied into the fire alarm system will release immediately when an alarm condition exists.

Because this is not a stock item we must order it specifically for you and we will be unable to accept a return unless the item is defective as determined by the factory it was bought from.

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Price: $3,462.00

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Choose Cylinder 1-1/4:

1-1/4 1-1/4" Satin Chrome Mortise Cylinder Schlage C Keyway +$14.00
No Mortise cylinder needed

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  • Mortise cylinder includes 2 keys.

Choose Rim Cylinder:

US3 (Polished Brass) + $14.00 US3 (Polished Brass) +$14.00
US26D (Satin Chrome) + $14.00 US26D (Satin Chrome) +$14.00
46 (Dark Brown) + $14.00 46 (Dark Brown) +$14.00
No Rim Cylinder


Special order item with 4 week lead time
  • Designed for use on delayed exit applications with 15 second delay standard.
  • All control inputs, auxiliary locking, local alarm, and remote signaling are self-contained in the Chexit.
  • Input voltage 24VDC • Current Inrush – 1.25A• Current Holding – .390mA.
  • Classroom function Lever, key locks/unlocks lever. Lever requires a rim cylinder not included.
  • For 36' wide door.
  • Satin chrome finish.
  • Requires a 1-1/4" mortise cylinder, not included.
  • For doors 1-3/4" thick
  • Requires PS902 Power Supply to control 1 CX device.

Available Options: Choose Options Above

  • Cylinder 1-1/4: info icon

    • 1-1/4" Satin Chrome Mortise Cylinder Schlage C Keyway
    • No Mortise cylinder needed
  • Rim Cylinder:

    • US3 (Polished Brass)
    • US26D (Satin Chrome)
    • 46 (Dark Brown)
    • No Rim Cylinder

More Info

  • Non-handed.
  • Internal RX switch detects attempt to exit, applying less than 15lbs to the push pad will
    cause this switch to start an irreversible alarm cycle.
  • Nuisance alarm.
  • Remote alarm.
  • Key switch can arm, disarm or reset the Chexit.
  • Indicator lamp determines status of the Chexit
  • Door position input.
  • Fire alarm input.



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