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Adams Rite MS1890

Hookbolt Deadlock and Latch

Quick Product Details

  • Hook Bolt Deadlock and Latch
  • For Aluminum and Glass Narrow Stile Doors
Price: $191.00 /each

SKU: MS1890

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This Adams Rite MS1890 deadbolt and latch is designed to provide maximum security for after hours and traffic control convenience for management during the regular business day. Installation, where it is necessary to have the following three functions, such as in a bank or store, this deadbolt and latch will do a fantastic job. It can keep both the lock and latchbolts retracted for unrestricted entry and exit during business hours, the handle-operated latch can be used for exit-only traffic just after closing, and the maximum security hook bolt is ideal for overnight lockup.

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Price: $191.00

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628-Clear Anodized Aluminum 628-Clear Anodized Aluminum
313-Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum 313-Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

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LH/RHR (5)
RH/LHR (6)

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  • Right Hand /Left Hand - for an inswinging door. The door Pulls to the inside or Pushes from outside
  • Left Hand Reverse/ Right Hand Reverse - for an outswinging door. The door Pulls to the outside or Pushes from the inside.

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31/32" Backset (2)
1-1/8" Backset (3)
1-1/2" Backset (4)

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The backset is the measured distance from the edge of a door to the center of the cylinder hole.



  • 5 year limited warranty from date of manufacture

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  • Finish:

  • Handing: info icon

    • LH/RHR (5)
    • RH/LHR (6)
  • Backset: info icon

    • 31/32" Backset (2)
    • 1-1/8" Backset (3)
    • 1-1/2" Backset (4)

Product at A Glance

  • For narrow stile aluminum doors 1-3/4" thick.
  •  360° turn of key or thumbturn throws or retracts the hook shaped deadbolt. 120° further turn retracts latchbolt as well.
  • Requires a mortise cylinder, not included.
  • Lock bolt- Eight ply laminated stainless steel. Center ply has Alumina-Ceramic core to defeat any hacksaw attack, including rod-type “super” hacksaws. Hook shape repels prybar attempts.
  • Bolt can be held fully retracted to allow door to be free swinging
  • Order handle/paddle for one side only or both sides. Handles/paddles on both sides solve, with minimum traffic impediment, the problem of doors that stand ajar due to wind
  • Handle retracts spring-loaded latchbolt only
Style Maximum security hook bolt deadlock and latch
Application Aluminum and Glass Narrow Stile Sliding Doors
Handing handed - easily reversible
Lockbolt 5/8" x 1-3/8" x 13/16" throw with 8 ply laminated stainless steel
Latchbolt - 5/8" x 5/8" x 7/16" throw
- Zinc Alloy with Delrin face
Case - 1" x 7-3/8" - depth varies by backset
- steel with corrosion resistant plating
Faceplates 1" x 6-7/8" flat faceplate
Strike Armored - stainless steel trim plate with steel mounting plate and dust box

More Info

This  hook bolt deadlock features many different functions that can come to use in various applications. The latch bolts and lock can both be kept in a retracted position to allow for unrestricted entry and exit  when necessary. The latch which is operated by a handle can be set to function as exit only and the maximum security hook bolt can be locked to ward off any traffic at all.



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