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Finished appearance may differ slightly from the finishes shown as a result of the difference between actual finishes and photographic representations.

USP (600)
Prime Coat

USP (605)
Polished Brass

USP (606)
Satin Brass

USP (611)
Bright Bronze

USP (612)
Satin Bronze

USP (613)
Oil Rubbed Bronze

USP (619)
Satin Nickel

USP (625)
Bright Chrome

USP (626)
Satin Chrome

USP (628)
Coated Aluminum

USP (630)
Satin Stainless

USP (689)
Sprayed Aluminum

USP (690)
Sprayed Statuary Bronze

USP (691)
Sprayed Light Bronze

USP (696)
Sprayed Gold

USP (695)
Sprayed Dark Bronze