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Rixson H40-587-Complete

Heavy Weight Double Acting Floor Closer

Quick Product Details

  • Floor Closer
  • For commercial exterior and interior extra-heavy doors
  • Center-Hung
  • Heavy Duty
  • Double Acting
SKU: H40-587-Complete can include all components

Price: $1,868.00

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This Rixson H40-587 complete center-hung floor closer is good for interior or exterior applications on extra heavy doors up to 1-3/4", where double action, the door's ability to swing in both directions, is necessary. See more product information below

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Price: $1,868.00

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1) Body:

Heavy Duty Double Acting Center Hung Floor Closer Body image

2) Cement Case:

40 Series Cement Case image

3) Floor Plate:

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4) Arm Package:

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5) Top Pivot:

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6) Spindle Collar:

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Suited for:
  • Applications where double action is necessary on exterior or interior doors

  • 10 year limited warranty

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Product at A Glance

  • For thick heavy doors
  • The arm used on this closer does not allow door centering adjustment (not recommended for pairs of doors)
  • For each direction of door swing there is an adjustable closing speed valve
  • Door returns to the center
  • The maximum door swing is 103⁰
  • Not for fire rated doors
  • An  overhead stop is recommended for exterior doors or doors with high traffic
Style Floor Closer
Application Center-hung
Door handing Non-handed
Function Double Acting
Door Weight Up to 1000 lb
Door Thickness Up to 1-3/4 inches
Door Size Up to 8'0" x 4'6"

This closer, the H40-587 is specialized to fit very heavy doors that are a 1/4” less in thickness than the two inches in measurement necessary for the H40. It is designed with identical components and features to the H40 but with a different arm, the side-load arm (262587), which is specifically for doors that are up to one and three-quarter inches thick that otherwise are suitable for use with the H40. An earthquake tolerant top pivot (H345) is optional but highly advisable to be used on doors which are situated in areas where earthquakes are common. In locations where earthquakes do not strike frequently the H340 center-hung top pivot is an excellent choice. For the adjustment of the closing speed there is a valve included for both directions of door swing.



Instructions & Templates

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