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Rixson L27-Complete

3/4" Offset Closer for Lead Lined Doors

Quick Product Details

  • Floor Closer
  • For commercial lead-lined exterior and interior doors
  • Offset Hung
  • Heavy Duty
  • Single Acting
  • Selective Hold Open- closer can be set to hold open or non-hold open.
Starting price: $2,251.00 /each

SKU: L27-Complete can include all components

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This Rixson L27S-complete 3/4" offset-hung floor closer is for lead-lined or extra heavy exterior and interior doors with high door traffic.With The heavy duty bottom arm, top pivot and optional intermediate pivot are designed to straddle lead lining in the door.

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Price: $2,251.00

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1) Body:

Offset Floor Closer Body for Lead Lined Doors image
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2) Cement Case:

Cast Iron Cement Case image
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3) Floor Plate:

27/127  Floor Plate image
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4) Arm Package:

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5) Optional Intermediate Pivot:

Offset Intermediate Pivot for Lead Lined Doors image
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6) Top Pivot:

Heavy Duty Offset Top Pivot image
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Choose Finish:

605 - Polished Brass (US3) 605 - Polished Brass (US3)
606 - Satin Brass (US4) 606 - Satin Brass (US4)
613 - Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B) 613 - Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B)
629 - Polished Chrome 629 - Polished Chrome
626 - Satin Chrome (US26D) 626 - Satin Chrome (US26D)

Choose Handing:

Left Hand (LH) Left Hand (LH)
Right Hand (RH) Right Hand (RH)

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The handing of a door is always determined from the push side.

If the door swings away from you to the left, it is a Left Hand door

If the door swings away from you to the right, it is a Right Hand door


Choose Hold Open:

SHO (Selective Hold-Open)

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Selective hold-open

Door hold-open can be controlled via a screw on top of the closer to be automatic or non hold-open

Choose Opening Degrees:

90 Degrees 90 Degrees


Suited for:
  • Lead lined exterior and interior heavy doors with high door traffic

  • 10 year limited warranty

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Product at A Glance

  • Selective Hold Open-these closers can be set to hold open or non-hold open. This is done via a screw control on the top of the closer
    done via a screw control on the top of the closer.
  • A positive dead stop is built-into this product.
  • Valves that are separate and independent are included for the adjustment of closing-speed, latch-speed and backcheck.
  • This closer allows for vertical adjustment of door.
  • Includes thrust bearing for a greater load capacity.
  • The use of intermediate pivots is highly recommended with this product.
  • For doors up to 90” high use one intermediate pivot. Each additional 30” warrants the use of one more intermediate pivot.
Style Floor closer
Application Offset-Hung
Offset 3/4" (standard)
Door Handing Handed
Function Single Acting
Door Weight Up to 1500 lbs
Door Width Up to 4'0

More Info

Lead-lined doors are made to help scatter gamma and X-rays and are therefore used often in medical facilities, where the use of these rays are necessary, to keep the radiation from spreading and causing unnecessary damage.Doors that are lead-lined are usually extremely heavy and the Rixson L27 3/4” offset is designed specifically for those. This closer can carry doors that weigh up to one thousand, five hundred pounds. The heavy-duty bottom arm and top pivot included with the purchase of the complete L27 closer are constructed with spaced screw holes to straddle the lead-lining in the doors. Door is set with the ability to swing up to ninety degrees and has a built in selective hold-open which can be manually adjusted to have the hold-open functioning or not.



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