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Overhead Holders

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Protect your door and frame from abuse caused by everyday use  with an overhead holder/stop. It won’t be in your way or affect the aesthetics of your room. Browse through our selection to find the perfect one for your application.

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More About Overhead Holders

Overhead holders and stops are used to protect a door, frame and their surroundings from damage caused by the uncontrolled swinging and slamming of a door. An overhead holder/stop will control the door by engaging it at a specific degree point thereby preventing it from opening and closing forcefully. By controlling the door’s swing, the expected lifespan of your door and frame will greatly increase.

Overhead holders and stops take the place of floor stops which can be dangerous and unsightly. They won’t pose a tripping hazard and will not be noticeable either. Find the holder/stop that is right for your application.

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