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Exit Devices / Panic Bars

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Exit devices are a safe and practical means of unlocking a door from the inside. They are highly recommended, and often required for use on fire exits or secondary exits. They have been proven to greatly reduce the risk of injury during an evacuation and serve as a secure and convenient option for many applications.

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Exit devices, or panic bars as they are also known, have been created and designed for safe evacuation of a building in the case of an emergency. Following multiple tragedies in which many people were badly hurt, or even trampled to death, during their attempt at escape, the exit device was invented to try and prevent such accidents from recurring.

An exit device is a horizontal bar placed on the inside of a door. It can be operated by applying weight to the bar which will release the latch. In the case of an emergency evacuation, due to a fire or any other reason, everyone rushes to the nearest exit to make their escape. Instead of having to stop and pull open a door, which can easily cause a crush and unnecessary injury, a door with a panic bar will release itself when the weight of the people trying to exit is applied to it. This is definitely a safer option and has fortunately succeeded in limiting the injuries that occur during evacuations. So to avoid any later regrets, you may want to have exit devices installed wherever necessary, to prevent as much harm as possible.

Panic bars are not only convenient in the case of an emergency, there are many other benefits to them as well. Firstly, since they are installed on the inside of the door, your door will be secure from the outside, thereby warding off any unwanted visitors. Exit devices can also be equipped with an alarm to notify authority of unwarranted exit. This can be very useful on rear exits or exits to a roof where you need to keep track of who may leave from there.

When your hands are occupied, exit devices also come to good use. Just lean your body or package on the bar and the latch will release to allow you through. Panic bars are therefore very useful on doors which are frequently used for large deliveries and in hospital corridors where carts and stretchers are constantly being transferred.

Exit devices come in a wide variety of options and in various price ranges to suit your doors needs and your budget. There are rim exit devices, mortise exit devices, vertical rod exit devices and an option of alarmed exit devices. We also offer a large variety of exit device locks for the outside of the door, which is necessary in many applications. In addition, we stock many parts and accessories to be used with the panic bars, which you may find necessary or helpful. Browse through our many options and find the one that is right for your application. We are here to help, and will gladly guide you to make the right decision. We look forward to serving you and making your shopping experience at Qualified Hardware the best that it can possibly be.