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Dexter Vertical Rod Exit Devices

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For a safe and secure latching option for your single or double door exits, install vertical rod exit devices. Thes devices will latch into the top and bottom of your door frame and are therefore the best option for pairs of doors.

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Dexter - ED1500-V-EO-3FT-7FT-DH Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

Starting at: $254.00

This Dexter rim exit Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device is an exit only function device which does not include a trim. This function is excellent for use on egress only doors where re-entry is not desired.

  • Series: ED1500
  • Usage: Standard Duty

More About Dexter

Vertical rod exit devices are designed to latch into the door frame on the top and/or bottom of the door. This provides an added measure of security, since there are multiple latching points. Additionally, vertical rod panic bars are also available in a concealed version which further advances the security of the door and gives a cleaner, more aesthetic look.

On applications with double doors without a mullion, vertical rod devices are often the best option, since there is nowhere for a standard exit device to latch into. The vertical rod device will latch into the door frame and provide a safe and secure exit. Vertical rod panic bars can also be used in conjunction with a rim or mortise exit device on the active door.

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