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Rixson Tools

About this Category

Qualified Hardware offers a variety of tools that can be helpful with the installation of certain products. Browse through our selection to see what can be helpful to you.

view Rixson 2604 Pivot Locator - Tools

Rixson - 2604 Pivot Locator

Starting at: $80.00

This Rixson 2604 pivot locator aids in the installation of floor closers and pivot packages.

view Rixson 1859001 Quickspotter Kit - Tools

Rixson - 1859001 Quickspotter Kit

Starting at: $77.00

This 1859001 quickspotter kit aids in the installation of floor closer cement cases for the 25, 26, 27, 28 30 and 40 Series floor closers.

view Rixson 1855051 Quickspotter Kit - Tools

Rixson - 1855051 Quickspotter Kit

Starting at: $77.00

This 1855051 quickspotter kit is a great help when installing the cement cases for the 50 and 51 series Rixson floor closers.

view Rixson 275171 Floor Closer Adjusting Wrench - Tools

Rixson - 275171 Floor Closer Adjusting Wrench

Starting at: $20.00

This Rixson 275171 floor closer adjusting wrench aids when adjusting heavy duty floor closer springs. This tool is recommended only for those who have experience with the adjustment of RIxson floor closers.

view Rixson 2608 Pivot Locator - Tools

Rixson - 2608 Pivot Locator

Starting at: $80.00

This Rixson 2608 pivot locator assists when installing heavy duty floor closers and pivot sets.

More About Rixson

RIXSON Specialty Door Controls offers customized solutions for the most challenging design requirements. It is the leading North American provider of concealed closers, pivots and mechanical/electromechanical door holders. maintains one of the largest Rixson inventories in the country.

In 1900, Oscar Rixson, a Finnish architect, started a manufacturing company in Chicago, Illinois. His first products were surface door closers, along with window & sash hardware. As time went on, Rixson and his engineers developed products that were concealed so that the beauty of buildings equipped with Rixson products would shine through. The late 1960's was a period of growth for the Rixson family business, with the acquisition of a company that manufactured door holding devices. This line of products has evolved into the Checkmate line of today. In the mid-seventies, the RIXSON company purchased another innovative business, Firemark, to meet the requirements of new standards for fire and life-safety. RIXSON's Smok-Chek series was the first closer/holder combination product in the hardware industry.

Our inventory includes Rixson concealed floor closers, overhead closers, Smok-Cheks, pivots & pivot sets, gate closers, overhead stops, magnetic holders and specialty floor closers for shallow floor conditions. With an extensive inventory of floor closer bodies, cement cases, cover plates, arms, tools, kits and all of the necessary parts and accessories to make new installations or renovations and repairs simple - is the place to go when you need a Rixson product.

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