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Schlage Touchless Door Hardware

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Today’s environment requires less contact with surfaces that are commonly touched to help reduce the transmission of germs. A hands-free door opening can minimize a multitude of skin-to-surface touchpoints throughout the day.


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Schlage - ScanII Touchless Passive Infrared Detector

Starting at: $311.00

This Touchless Schlage Scan II is an electronic Passive Infrared Detector for "request to exit" applications. It detects a person or an object (moving or non moving) in a precisely defined area. It is ideal for automatic door opening, free exit, release of electronic locking devices and a wide variety of security uses.

  • Usage: Standard Duty

More About Schlage

Public buildings with hands free environments have quickly become a standard within a large variety of buildings. Whether it be public restrooms, offices, or hospital operation theatres, touchless environments have gone from a special feature to a necessity in many buildings areas.

Reduce potential touchpoints on highly trafficked openings with hands-free door hardware products. 

Improve facility cleanliness with specially designed low-touch and no-touch door hardware and electro-mechanical doorway components.

Push/pull hardware allows doors to be opened with a nudge of the hip. Arm and foot pulls offer a method of opening doors without grasping hardware by the hand. Motion sensors that work in conjunction with automatic operators enable a complete hands-free method for opening doors.

These door hardware solutions coupled with proper hardware cleaning techniques improve facility safety by mitigating the spread of germs through high frequency touch points within a building. 


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