Building Codes Listed By State

If you are looking to start construction on a home, business, or any other type of property, it is imperative that you follow the correct building codes as well as obtain the proper building permits. Each of the states has a different set of building codes that need to be followed. The following list has information on building codes in each of the fifty states.

Alabama Building Commission

Alaska Plan Review Bureau

Arizona Building Safety Department

Arkansas Building Authority

California Building Standards Code

Colorado State Building Codes

Connecticut Codes and Standards Committee

Delaware Building Codes

District of Columbia Construction Codes

Florida Building Codes

Georgia Construction Codes

Hawaii Building Code Council

Idaho Division of Building Safety

Illinois Building Commission

Indiana Codes Services

Iowa Building Code Bureau

Kansas Building Codes

Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction

Louisiana Building Codes

Maine Uniform Building and Planning Codes

Maryland Codes Administration

Masssachusetts State Building Codes

Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes

Minnesota State Building Code

Mississippi Codes

Missouri Project Management

Montana Building Codes Bureau

Nebraska Plans Review

Nevada Building Code

New Hampshire State Building Code

New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards

New Mexico Construction Industries Division

New York Division of Code Enforcement

North Carolina State Codes

North Dakota State Building Code

Ohio Board of Building Standards

Oklahoma Codes and Standards

Oregon Building Codes Division

Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code

Rhode Island State Building Regulations

South Carolina Building Codes Council

South Dakota Building Codes and Standards

Tennessee Codes Enforcement

Texas Building Codes and Standards

Utah Uniform Building Codes

Vermont Building Code Collection

Virginia Building Codes and Regulations

Washington State Building Code Council

West Virginia Plans and Review

Wisconsin Safety and Building Codes

Wyoming Codes and Standards