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Soss Invisible Hinges

About this Category

Invisible hinges can be very useful in many applications. They get mortised into the door and frame and remain completely hidden as long as the door is closed. They will provide for quality function for many years.

More About Soss Invisible Hinges

Soss invisible hinges were the first of their kind on the market and they continue to be the number one choice around the globe. They are used in homes, hotels and shops across the world as well as in many high-end buildings such as the White House and the Buckingham Palace.

These hinges are designed to be completely hidden from view when the door is closed. This ensures that the hinges do not take away from the decor and aesthetics of an application. It also provides for protection against vandalism since it cannot be tampered with when the door is closed. They are made of high quality material that will endure lots of use and abuse without compromising its excellent function.

Soss hinges are available in many different sizes and strengths for various application conditions. They also come with many different finishes to match the door on which it will be installed. Select the one that is appropriate for your door and enjoy years of reliable door function.

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