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Arm Packages

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The arm of a floor closer is a crucial component which connects the door to the closer. Every application has its own specifications which will determine which arm is right for your door.

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More About Arm Packages

Every floor closer necessitates an arm package for a complete installation. The arm is the component that connects the closer to the bottom of the door. Each application will require a specific arm type, depending on the door’s conditions. An arm can be center-hung or offset and each arm works specifically with certain closer bodies. Some closer arms are designed to work only with doors that are constructed of certain materials, while others are more versatile. The handing of the arm is also something that will need to be determined according to the door and frame conditions.

We offer an extensive selection of arm packages to work in conjunction with many floor closers. Select the arm that is right for your door, or consult with our technical representatives to help you make the right choice.

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