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Markar Architectural Products Continuous Hinges

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Continuous hinges, as their name implies, run along the full length of the door. This causes the weight of the door to be evenly distributed over the entire hinge, thereby reducing wear and tear and prolonging the lifespan of your door and frame. These hinges are often use for heavy doors that are subject to heavy use and abuse.

view Markar Architectural Products Fire-Rated Stainless Steel Pin & Barrel Continuous Hinge Continuous Hinges

Markar Architectural Products - FM300-SS Fire-Rated Stainless Steel Pin & Barrel Continuous Hinge

Multiple Options and Finishes Multiple Options

Starting at: $277.00

This edge-mounted (full mortise ) pin and barrel FM300 hinge is used high traffic, high abuse doors. The hinge works well in locations that would normally call out for anchor hinges, pivot reinforcement hinges or thrust pivot unit and hinge sets.

  • Usage: Heavy Duty

More About Markar Architectural Products

A continuous hinge is a  hinge that runs along the entire length of the two surfaces it is attached to. Such a hinge has many advantages over a standard smaller hinge.

When a door is hung with multiple shorter hinges, most of the doors weight is borne by the top hinge. This will eventually affect the top hinge and even cause damage to the door and frame. The top hinge will show signs of early wear and tear from the amount of pressure that is being exerted on it, and when it will cease to function entirely, the entire entranceway will need major repairs. This can be a major hassle and a large expense.

Continuous hinges, on the other hand, run along the entire side of the door. This helps distribute the weight of the door, and the pressure exerted when opening and closing the door, over the whole length of the hinge. By doing so, the continuous hinge greatly reduces the wear and tear to the hinge, door and frame and it extends the lifespan of your doorway.

Continuous hinges are also relatively simple to install and they can easily be cut to fit the length of your door perfectly. They are also easy to align since they are made of two even, straight sheets of metal.

The continuous hinge is often referred to as the ‘piano hinge’. This is because continuous hinges are used to connect the lid of a piano in order to ensure proper function of the lid while protecting the delicate parts of the piano. These hinges are also used on warehouse doors, barn or shed doors and other applications that are subject to heavy use which can result in excessive wear and tear.

Roton continuous hinges come in many different strengths with various hanging options. The hinges can be either full surface, where one leaf gets mounted to the face of the door and the other leaf is mounted to the face of the frame. They can also be half surface, which means that only one leaf of the hinge is visible, since one leaf gets mounted to the rabbet of the frame which conceals it  and the other leaf gets mounted to the face of the door. A concealed leaf continuous hinge is completely hidden. The door leaf gets mounted on the hinge edge of the door and the frame leaf gets mounted to the rabbet of the frame. The advantage of a concealed hinge is that is is protected from outdoor elements and it can be safer since it is almost impossible to break the door off the hinge, because the continuous hinge cannot be accessed.

Along with the excellent quality and durability of these hinges, Roton continuous hinges are covered by a lifetime warranty. This will ensure the ultimate function of your door for a long time.


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