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Access Control

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Access control is an essential component to ensure the safety and security of any opening. The right device can make all the difference to the door and all that lies beyond it. Whether its a keypad, electromagnetic lock or a door position switch, the right device will ensure your safety.

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Qualified hardware values the safety and security of your home and business. We, therefore,  offer a variety of access control products that will enhance the security of your opening. Each product has its specific use and benefits that are made for a certain application type. Browse through our selection to find the item that is right for you.

Keypad systems can be very useful in many applications. They can be used for area which need very tight security as well as in doorways that only require moderate security. Each system has unique features that make it suitable for different purposes. Some of these characteristics include the number of users and codes it allows for and weather resistance. A keypad can be a very safe and convenient option for the right location.

A door position switch is a device that will monitor the position of your door and send the results to a control panel, letting you know if the door is open or closed. This kind of security mechanism is often used on roof hatches and gates. There is also the option of a completely concealed switch that is used for metal doors.

The electronics button is used in applications where there is an electronically locked swinging or sliding door. This button is used to access such a door with  momentary action, which means it will unlock just temporarily.

An electromagnetic lock  consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. These two parts do no interconnect to lock the door. The electromagnetic power keeps the door securely locked without actually connecting the two components. The Magnetic Bond Sensor which monitors the strength of the magnetic bond to make sure the door is secure, and the Door Position Switch which monitors the position of the door, whether opened or closed, will help keep the opening safe.

The Schlage Scan II  Passive Infrared Detector is a sensor that detects a person or object within a specific area and releases the door for them. It is used for automatic door openings, free exits, electronically locked doors, and for other security uses.

These are just a few of the access control products we have available. With the right access control products, your door openings will be extremely safe and secure against any unwanted activity. Selecting  the most suitable devices for your applications is crucial in ensuring utmost security. So peruse through the many options to find the one that is good for your application. We, at Qualified Hardware, are glad to assist you in making the right choice.