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Top Hardware Choices to Increase Door Security

Crime is a reality that we might have to face in our lifetimes. Thankfully, you can prevent crime from walking right in through your front door with a solid lock. A well-made lock can make the difference between a criminal getting in or giving up. The classic door security lock is the deadbolt. But not all deadbolts are created equally. Some are easy to break. Make sure you pick a deadbolt that is made of steel, at least one inch long. Also, make sure that it uses a strike box and three-inch nails. Door security will give you the peace of mind to rest easy all day and night.

Choosing Hardware

There are countless hardware options out there and it can be overwhelming to choose. It's crucial that you make the appropriate choice for your specific needs. Here are some options and things to think about when choosing your new hardware:


Generally, you want to use deadbolts on exterior doors. They might also be useful to lock up rooms or closets that you don't want others getting into. But, for the most part, they are made to keep others from gaining access to your home.

You can purchase a deadlock kit that is separate from the handle. Or, you can buy them together as a set. You can find locks that range from inexpensive to the very expensive (a roughly $25-300 range). The most secure locks include a grade 2 rating, a forged solid brass plug, steel strike plate, six-pin key system, and a 1-inch throw. You'll just follow the instructions in your kit, inserting each piece of the deadbolt into the holes pre-cut into the door.

When it comes to security, you can't do much better than a deadbolt. It locks into the door frame, ensuring that it is sturdy and holds up in a break-in attempt. That said, not all deadbolts are built as strong. The best option is to go beyond the traditional horizontal bolt and go straight for the vertical bolt design.To install, either use the pre-cut holes made by the door manufacturer or drill your own. To drill your own, use the lock manufacturer's drill template taped to the door, then drill the hole for the lock. Next drill out and chisel the door jamb. Then install the hardware.

Keyed-Entry Locksets & Handlesets

These door handles with locks are meant to go on exterior doors. They should be used with a deadbolt system. Handlesets always include a deadbolt. For this one, you also want to choose a grade 2 rating, six-pin key system, and steel or brass strike plate.

To install, either use the pre-cut holes made by the door manufacturer or drill your own. Use the lock manufacturer's drill template taped to the door, then drill the hole for the lock. Next drill out and then chisel the door jamb. Then you can install the hardware.


Keyless locks can save you the headache of misplacing your keys. And they can keep your home even safer due to some of their special features. You can choose a basic keyless lock with a numeric keypad. Or perhaps you might want a lock that also includes an alarm. Keyless locks are more affordable than they were in the past, which means you don't need to shell out a lot of money to keep your home highly secure.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks have been around for a long time. They are one kind of lock technology that continues to be used, as well. Mortise locks are different from the standard lock. Instead of a small bored hole for the bolt or latch to fit through, mortise locks are a solid body that occupies a rectangular pocket inside the door. The deadbolt and the handle lock are located all together in the lock box. The mechanisms that work the lock are more hardy and secure as well.

These locks have stood the test of time. They are very well made and their construction is solid enough for commercial use. When you find an old home with a mortise lock, it is likely that the lock is original to the house. The parts are easy to find and replace, making for a lock that will almost literally last forever.

New Lock Technologies

When it comes to commercial locks, almost nothing is more important than high-level security. This includes being able to control who has access to the locks. You need to be certain that the person who was given permission to enter the building is the same person accessing the locks. You can choose various technologies that range from keypad codes to fingerprint readers. Or choose the ultra-safe combination of a card ID swipe combined with a five-finger print reader.

Technology advances - When high-level security is your ultimate goal, it's important to always stay aware of changes in lock technologies. Some of these changes won't be useful for your particular facility. But many of them will ensure that your expectations of a secure environment continue to be met.

Advances in commercial locks make it easy to rekey a lock. Gone are the days of worrying that keys or codes have gotten into the wrong hands. You also don't have to spend a lot of time using tools to rekey your lock. Now you just need the reset key, which will change the lock in mere seconds.

Security Extras

Door holder - Sometimes you need more than just a lock, key, and handle. You might consider some other features that will make your doors safer and more convenient to use. Door holders are one such option. When you need a door to stay open while you work, a door holder will do the trick. You can choose a magnetic door holder, which will magnetically hold the door to the nearest wall. Or you can install an overhead holder, which will mechanically keep the door from closing.

Door jammer - These are excellent tools to help reinforce your door against burglars who might try to kick in your door. One variety sits under your door handle, extending to the floor to act as a resistance measure. Another kind of door jammer attaches to the bottom of your door acting as a solid metal door stopper. Either way, you'll be adding another level of security that will keep intruders out.


With the unnerving number of homes that are burglarized every year, you want to make sure the doors on your home and business are secure.

Analyze your door hardware options and choose some that will consider your security needs. There are many choices ranging from basic keyed locks and deadbolts, to mortise locks and keypad locks. You might want to get high-tech and choose to install smart lock systems. Depending on whether you are locking a door in a very safe neighborhood or protecting a commercial/industrial space from theft, you will find the perfect lock for your needs. Choose that lock that will give you the peace of mind and let you sleep soundly at night.